Thursday, October 23, 2008


We put an offer on a business in Utah and it has been accepted! Jen is moving BACK to Utah in November to run the stores. Michael will join her when the house sells in Casper. We will be moving to the Layton area.
We are sad to leave behind our many friends and family here, but look forward to renewing friendships and the adventure of owning our own business!

When we close on the loan November 10th we will be able to share the name of the businesses and we hope those that can will come by and see us sometime!


The White-Matthews Family said...

Way to go, Blogger! What is the business that brings you back here? Your family is beautiful.

Mel said...

Hey Bertagnoles - great looking family and nice use of a 'blog'.

We'll enjoy seeing you from time to time via this site - thanks for sharing.

B I G adventure is in your forecast - CONGRATULATIONS on your small business decision - the mainstream of America - and a dream Michael has long had. Good job.

G'pa Cozzens, Erl, and Aiko from Sana'a Yemen

Dave and Jenn said...

Congratulations. We're sad to hear you're leaving Wyoming, but excited for your new adventures in Utah. We wish you guys the best!